Monday 28 September 2020

All legs, arms and fingers accounted for ….

Since Hurricane Dorian which came by early September 2019, we have had a tree out in the forest which has been inclined at an angle of about 45°. Last week with “Post-tropical storm Teddy”, the tree finally came down. With the potential of obtaining some good firewood, we decided with the aid of the chainsaw, we would cut the tree up into 16” lengths.

Throughout my life, regardless of how much care I take and thought to all the permutations of how I could cut myself, I have often found out, that almost just being in sight of a blade cause me damage, so using a chainsaw gets me more than a little nervous and tense …

Fortunately, all went very well and I report with much relief and a great deal of pleasure that between us, we have four arms, four legs and the correct number of fingers ..

You can see the introduction of the chainsaw at ~ A new family member ~

Thursday 24 September 2020

After Teddy ...

To quote a recent headline from the Washington Post ~ “Ginormous storm Teddy, 1000 miles wide puts on a powerful display in Canada” ~ well not really, or at least not in Pleasantville …

By the time it hit Nova Scotia on Tuesday (22nd), Hurricane Teddy had been downgraded to “Post-tropical storm Teddy”. Indeed, there was wind and rain, but nothing like we had with Dorian just over a year ago.

Now that the “Ginormous” panic is over, the natural life is all back to normal. Little Chipmunk Buddy is trying to figure out how to get to the birdfeeder when it is hanging from the clothesline. When he is not around, Blue Jay Buddy is enjoying the daily menu of mixed seeds. 

At Rissers Beach where I went this morning, the sun is shinning bright, the air is warm and the sea calm and tranquil. Little Caterpillar Buddy is out for a wander and … well that Lobster claw is Ginormous …!!!

Monday 7 September 2020

Only a four- hour flight away ....

…………. Only kidding ~ it's not some exotic destination in the Caribbean, it is in fact just down the road from us.

With a couple of buddies visiting from Ontario (who had completed their required 14 days of Covid-19 isolation), we decided in absolutely perfect weather, to drive south down the coastal route and take in a few of our local beaches. They included Carters Beach, Beach Meadows, White Point Beach and Cherry Hill Beach.

There was a Haar which came inshore at Carters and stretched along all the 50km which encompassed the four beaches mentioned.

See more about a Haar here at “Is it a Haar …?” ~

All pictures below are of Carters Beach except for the last four which are taken at White Point Beach

Piping Plovers on Cherry Hill Beach