Saturday 30 June 2018

Beads of water

See what was found this morning on the Wild Strawberry leafs, another wonderful example of nature’s art.

Friday 22 June 2018

It’s all in our Splash Zone …

A lovely day out exploring all that is close and exciting to us ..... 

With no particular plan we drove down the road and ventured onto one of the two Fox Islands located in Lunenburg County. The one we went too with awesome views of Dublin Bay is adjacent to Crescent Beach and is only accessible at extreme low tides. From there it was onto the beach for a wander and some rock running, followed by a visit to Green Bay and finally the traditional stop at the LaHave Bakery for coffee, cookies and a chat with some locals.

In addition we were also confronted by a hard-line protester, see the last photo ...

Rock Pool

Chipmunk buddy protesting School Closures

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Why did the chickens cross the road …..?

…………… Because they thought it was an egg-cellent idea to pay us a visit and grab some of our bugs ….

The gals from across the road came by this evening, while they fed on what they could find out front, the little guy in the last photo was busy in the back yard ……

Sunday 3 June 2018

Just a drop …..

In what seemed to be the first in a very long time, yesterday we had a rain. Appearing to be an obvious effort to play catch-up for its recent absence, the rain came down vertically and aggressively at a fair rate of knots, leaving everything thoroughly soaked.

The aftermath was beautiful, with fresh spring leaves in a state of pendulous, the grass many more shades greener and then the best of all the awesome smell of good clean earth and fresh growing things after the rain has fallen on them.

Below are a few close up photos I took from the front deck as we sat very much amused and smiling at the rain …………