Monday 30 April 2018

Grey, foggy and still ….

Another fun wander today at the beach and LaHave Islands to check on the tide, which was extremely low. The conditions on Rissers was rather strange combination with huge stormy looking waves but absolutely no wind on the beach, which in contrast felt very still and calm in the lovely light fog and fine rain.

The islands in a similar way had a serene feeling about them today, with the peace and quiet only broken by the intermittent sound of a distant fog horn. It all felt very familiar to me and stirred many memories in a similar way I had last year in the blog ~ “Some may say it's a dreich day” ~ 

Today it was the smell of the exposed sea floor and the distinctive aroma of the fishing boats on Bush Island that rekindled thoughts and feelings of happy times in the West Highlands of Scotland. It is wonderful to live in a place that allows you to make an idyllic connection to a wonderful past …
The photographs below were taken in black and white which I thought may enhance the conditions perfectly …….?

Thursday 19 April 2018

Things on trees ….

Out again for a wander to check on the tide, which I can report had just passed its peak.
When out there always seems to be something that catches my eye and in addition could possibly make a good photo, today it was “things on trees”. From the pics below you may appreciate the delightful and colourful natural art they provide …..

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Out and about after ………………..

…………………… some unwelcome snow.

With the tide coming in, it was an absolutely beautiful day at Rissers wandering the trail and beach. The snow was mostly gone with only the remnants lurking in remote corners or the shadows of the forest trail.

When out and about, I am always trying out different photo techniques. Today was something new, taking photos with the camera on the sand (ground photography). The results were not too bad, but will require more time to develop.

Below are a selection from today, the lurking snow, the beach, a moon shell, a sand dollar, beach ground photography and from yesterday morning the unwelcome snow ….

.... and yesterday morning ~

Monday 2 April 2018

Swissair Memorial, Peggy's Cove Village and Pier 21

1st April
An Easter Sunday drive up to Halifax taking in one of the two Swissair Memorials, Peggy’s Cove Village and on what was my 30th anniversary of coming to Canada (April Fool’s Day 1988), a visit to Pier 21. This location in Halifax witnessed the arrival of over a million immigrants in the years between 1928 and 1971.

From the memorial site looking towards Peggy's Cove