Wednesday 26 July 2017

An evening on the rocks

After an enjoyable beach wander at low tide, it was time to sit on my favourite rock to watch the sun go down and take a few photos. The pictures were taken slightly underexposed (negative compensation) and in the direction of the sun which gives interesting affects, texture and shadows.
In addition, while taking advantage of the bright evening sun, the last photo highlights the enhanced colours of the sea vegetation on my rock at low tide.



Friday 14 July 2017

Morning wander at Gaff Point

A nice morning wander on Gaff Point. With the tide almost at its peak, the walk along Hirtles Beach to the beginning of the trail was mainly on washed up cobblestones. The trail itself had significantly thickened out since my last visit in early May.
A nice highlight during the now customary peanut and water break was the sight of either a dolphin or small whale swimming in the channel between the point and West Ironbound Island (no photos ….)



Thursday 13 July 2017

Mahone Bay, Eric, Elsie and clouds

With the tide approaching its peak, a visit to Mahone Bay for a walk around and a spot of fishing (no mackerel caught again …!!).
On the way back we saw some interesting cloud formations before stopping off to visit Eric (the goat), Elsie (the horse) and some unknown sheep …
Eric the goat is a bit of an escape artist. He now travels with a homemade collar in the hope that it will prevent him from escaping through fence holes. Today he proved this to be of no use, he was out again. His method of escape remains a mystery and is currently under investigation.

The "three churches" in Mahone Bay


Eric and his collar


Sunday 9 July 2017

Saturday 8 July 2017

Reflective blue day

With the tide on its way out, a lovely morning stroll capturing some nice reflections, big blue sky and lonesome jellyfish.


Tuesday 4 July 2017

Fortunate, not lucky

Out and about in our local area, Green Bay and the LaHave Islands. We are so fortunate (I never use the word “lucky” ….) to have such natural beauty around us, in any direction it is there ….