Friday 27 January 2023

Bigger Waves Galore …

This afternoon’s outing was similar to a couple of days ago which resulted in the blog ~ “Waves Galore …” at ~

There was one significant difference though, the waves today were much bigger. 

With the tide at an extreme high on Rissers, the fast-moving waves were rolling in at an incredible rate giving a wonderful display.

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Waves Galore …

In need of a good brisk beach wander, I headed off to Crescent Beach. But with the tide extremely high, there was no available space for both me and the water.

So, with that I went off to Rissers, where the waves today were plentiful and big. After a very nice wander, I found one of my regular suntraps and thoroughly enjoyed the natural show before me. It was so good, I could easily have sat there all day, in fact I almost did ……….

On my way back along the road from Rissers, I noticed the tide had retreated enough on Crescent for me to complete my original plan. So, with the sun shining brightly and minimal wind, I turned the sand to glass and had an absolutely wonderful (brisk) walk.

Below are the pics of the wild water at Rissers, together with some closeups of Seagulls and Crab Buddy. He seemed trapped and vulnerable, a good distance from the water's edge in the advancing low tide, so I carried him over to the nearby rocks, where he seemed relieved and happy ~ perhaps a life saved ..

Saturday 21 January 2023

Well, it had to happen ….

After what has been (so far) the mildest winter I have experienced during my 35 years in Canada, we finally got a snowfall. The eventual amount was as usual much less than the forecasters had promised us, which was good. Hopefully next week we will return to the mild green winter that I have recently become accustomed too.

Below are some random pics from my wander around the empire ..

Tuesday 10 January 2023

A fresh January wander ….

With the tide on its way out, I did both Crescent and Rissers Beaches.

On a completely deserted Crescent Beach the wind was behind me for the initial 2.2km, but on the way back, the chilly wind directly from the west got my (face …) cheeks frozen. On such bright, sunny but chilly days, I know that I can rely upon one of my suntraps on Rissers to defrost and pretend its mid-July.

Below are a selection of from today’s outing ….