Tuesday 31 December 2019

A gray day ……..

The last day of the second decade in this the third millennium, was wild, windy and gray ~ but did not stop me from a wander on the beach.
With the sand getting blown into places where I had no idea that I had places, I decided to do todays pics in black and white ….

Thursday 19 December 2019

First snow ………

We got our first snow yesterday…. If you had be listening to the central Canadian media, you would be under the impression it occurred months ago.

When I was a young, snow in Scotland was rare, but when it did come it was a time of great excitement with fun filled activities. After moving to Canada on April Fools Day 1988, I discovered that snow was no longer exciting, its first appearance was often met with F.., F.., F.., Friggg or similar and many thoughts of "why I had not immigrated to Australia, New Zealand or stayed in Spain where I lived before that April 1st 1988 …"

Today within this chapter of my life, I would not say the first snowfall has the dizzy levels of excitement like it did many years ago in Scotland, nor does it make me think of alternate locations around the world ~ it does however introduce a level of acceptance that each season is different, it is there to be enjoyed and also a resolve that it could be worse, like it is in Southern Ontario from whence I came in July 2016.

I see the snow now as an invitation to get out, have a lovely wonder by the sea and take some photos ………..