Monday 26 February 2024

Capturing movement in black & white ….

In the company of heavy clouds and rather chilly wind, I was out early for a wander on a completely deserted Rissers Beach.

As a result of my years’ long search for that incredibly elusive perfect photo, I have been constantly experimenting with my photography, this cold morning was once again no different. So, while sitting on a rock watching the waves crashing in, I thought that I would attempt to capture the waters movement, in black and white ~ none are perfect, but it was fun trying ….

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Yes, it was …..

                                         ….. as cold as it looks.

On this very bright clear morning, I went off to the LaHave Islands for what turned out to be a chilly wander. After that with the tide just about at its low, I went to Crescent Beach for an even chiller wander. Today’s wind-chills on the beach must have been approaching -20°C, but even with that, it was still a great outing much like they always are …

Wednesday 14 February 2024

The Empire got dumped upon (again) …

As forecast, we received our overnight snowfall, I think at about two feet, which was slightly more than predicted. It is always nice to look out from the house to see the undisturbed snow and the beauty that it brings with a bright blue sky.

Not being able to resist the conditions, I went out to take some pics around the empire and filled my wellies with snow in the process.

After this the clear up began ....

The clear up ...

In addition the clearing the driveway, it is necessary is to create a network of walkways around the empire, to allow access to the woodshed, the composter, the backdoor and most importantly the feeding areas for local squirrel and birds.

Fortunately, today the snow was very light and with Buddy Brett and his handy dandy tractor, everything was done quickly and with much fun ….