Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunny here and misty there …

With nothing much else to do, I went out late afternoon for a beach wander. As is occasionally the case, when I left the house it was warm, bright and sunny, but just a few minutes down the road it got attractively cool and misty.

I say “attractively”, because for me it is the absolute best the beach, the surrounding rocks and inlets can be. I suppose there are many out there who would never go near a beach, unless they could lie there and fry under the blistering sun, but for me a mist or light rain and complete stillness is all that is required.

As I came back along the road again, I reentered the bright warm sunshine which is fine ~ at home ….

Pics from the misty wander …

Monday 16 May 2022

The Sound of Silence ...

Today I was reminded of a moment from July 1971 …

As a 10-year-old along with my parents, I was thoroughly enjoying my first visit to the North West Highlands of Scotland, a beautiful location which over the following years created many great and lasting memories for me.

The “moment” which surfaced this afternoon while out locally for a wander, it was a memory of our first drive from the highland village of Gairloch to Poolewe in Wester Ross. While driving over the brow of a hill, we were suddenly met by the magnificent and stunning view of Loch Maree. I remember my dad pulling over and stopping the car, then both of us getting out to admire the picture-perfect vista in front of us. While standing there, he said to me ~ “listen” ~ after a brief bewildered instant I said ~ “listen to what, I can’t hear anything” ~ he replied ~ “yes you can, it's called the sound of silence …” At that moment perhaps for the first time in my life, I heard the total and absolute sound of silence which was beautiful, unique and special.

Late this afternoon, I decided to go for a wander to the slightly overcast LaHave Islands. With an extremely low tide and a light mist, the beautiful sound of complete tranquil silence, instantly reminded me of that special moment shared with my dad from far too many years ago ~ I know that he would have loved it today.

Below are two photos of Loch Maree, the first one was taken by me during September 2019. The second photo in black and white was probably from the early to mid-1940’s. I found this one in my dad’s Army Photo Album, which he compiled during his service in Malaya. The handwritten caption for the photo says, “Ginger’s home in Gairloch”.

The photos below are from today’s visit to the Lahave Islands, can you hear ~ The Sound of Silence …?