Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A ramble on George Island

Encouraged by all the good weather that we have been having recently, I am beginning to explore a little further from my usual well-trodden routes.

Today I found myself enjoying a nice ramble around some remote areas of George Island. So with a low tide, bright sunshine and cool south wind, my trek began with a lovely brisk walk along all the 3km of Crescent Beach towards the island.

It is mostly surrounded by steep rocks topped with thick forest growing up from what could be described as a very soft cushioned floor of thick moss and heather. The area I explored today is only accessible at low tide, so I had to be careful not to overstay my welcome. The cool winds I experienced on my Crescent Beach walk were completely non-existent on the island, the sun shone through the trees making it a very warm and pleasant hike.

Within the forest I found an abandoned wooden structure and came across a quiet little beach which I would guess does not get many visitors.

It was a good day out on George Island with the sound of silence broken only once by a passing fishing boat.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Morning at the river

A beautiful bright morning deserves a walk down to the LaHave River. At high tide the water was still and the sun warm.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

We got snow .....

Overnight we had rare event for this winter ~ a snow fall.
Unlike other parts of the Maritimes our little corner of the South Shore has been very mild. By comparison, it was this time last year we experienced our first nor'easter, see ~ https://southshoretidewatch.blogspot.ca/2017/02/the-first-noreaster.html
Not to waste today’s event, I took a wander through the forest at the back of the house, it was beautifully silent, motionless and awesome …..

Saturday, 17 February 2018

A black and white afternoon on the beach and the islands

On today’s wander, I decided to try some black and white photography on what was a beautiful bright afternoon with a low tide.
The first thing I noticed is the images appear to be timeless, giving no indication of season or even time of day. Also the lack of colour seems to accentuate the light and creates a more dramatic shadow, which in turn tends to bring more attention to the overall image.
This is the first time I have taken black and white photos which interestingly made me pause a little longer to look more closely at the results.