Sunday 21 January 2018

Rock Running

An interesting element of living on the South Shore coast is being continually reminded of lovely times from my past ….
During the 1970’s I was fortunate to have had truly fantastic camping holidays in the West Highlands of Scotland, which included many long days filled with adventure, fun and much happiness.
A favourite pastime I shared with my dad during those long gone days was “Rock Running”. An event which was always combined with a good beach wander and something I know he thoroughly enjoyed.
Today on a bright sunny afternoon, I did some rock running on George Island. I suppose it is not really “running”, but more like moving across the rocks as fast as possible while always thinking/planning two, three, or more steps ahead. It is fun and provides a nice workout.

Below are a selection of photos from today showing the George Island rocks …

Thursday 18 January 2018

Another victory ….

Since being in the South Shore, we have taken to always line drying our laundry … even in the winter. During this season one has to be cognizant of the upcoming weather to plan and schedule the laundry days.
I love the idea of the energy savings with the additional benefit of the clothes/towels smelling great without the overwhelming scent of commercial fabric conditioners.
I have to say I enjoy line drying clothes especially in winter ~ it gives a feeling of Victory …..

Friday 12 January 2018

A Green Bay rove

With today being a nice mild warm day, it was decided to go and see what is happening at Green Bay.

A beautiful tucked away community with a narrow winding road that separates fresh water ponds from a ragged shoreline, which occasionally is interrupted by wonderful sandy beaches.

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Four seasons in one day

Since arriving here in the South Shore I have learned from experience never to allow the weather to get in the way of a good wander, today proved to be another example of that.
The outing which started at high tide, could be described as extending over four seasons. It began dull and gray, followed by a mixture of persistent snow and rain before finishing up with bright sunshine, blue sky and a warm south wind.
As always it was a very enjoyable day out to the Islands, Rissers and Crescent Beaches which included great chats with other interesting diehard beach wanderers.

In addition to general views, I have also added photos taken today when it was dull and gray on Rissers Beach of winter erosion and the unfortunate results of it, a situation probably worsened by the recent high winds and tidal surge.


Friday 5 January 2018

Cyclone bomb and wild sea

Originating in the southern east coast of the USA the so called “Cyclone Bomb” hit last night with very high winds, but unlike other areas of the Maritimes we did not get the heavy snow.

Today with only the remnants of the storm remaining I ventured out for a wander on Crescent and Rissers beaches. The strong winds coming directly from the south at mid-tide produced enormous waves pushing the water into high tide areas. Judging by the debris, sea weed and sand thrown onto local roads and foot paths, today’s entertaining sea display was nothing in comparison to what it must have been during the night.

The ice shown in the last three photos formed in the shallows of inlets during last weeks “cold snap”. Last night’s storm with its heavy surges flooded those areas and broke the ice up.