Tuesday 25 July 2023

Sitting out front ….

During the warmest part of this day, I took a break from whatever I normally be doing and sat out at the front of the house with my camera, trying out some of its features.

I have had this “new” camera since August of last year and amazingly I am still learning about it. Perhaps it is more accurate to say ~ some of the “learning” is actually “relearning” of features I read about and tried before, but have since forgotten. 

You can see ~ My journey with cameras ... ~ at ..


The pics below are random close ups of what is currently flowering in the garden along with two visitors watching me watching them .....

Monday 24 July 2023

First beach wander since …..

….. we had all that rain three days ago, see ~

“We were almost an island ...!!!!” ~


With the tide coming in I took a wander on both Rissers and Crescent Beaches and the Rissers boardwalk. Unlike some of the devastation some folks are suffering with flooded basements and collapsed driveways, together with the general mess left behind by higher-than-normal and overflowing lakes and rivers, everything seemed to be in good order on the beaches. I did notice the sand levels were much higher, perhaps around three feet or so and the surrounding greenery was very green for this time of the year.

Apart from that, it was good, fine and as usual better than my last beach wander ………

Friday 21 July 2023

We were almost an island ...!!!!

While the rest of the planet appears to be drying up and suffering under daily record-breaking temperatures, here in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, we are slowly submerging under lots and lots and LOTS of rain.

Apart from the occasional day with bright warm weather, this summer has very much been a total washout, I have never seen much rain. For a Scotsman who spent the first 26 years of his life in Scotland, that is indeed a unique and bold statement. Even when I lived on the Bay of Biscay in Northern Spain, an area notable for excessive rainfall, I never saw as much water falling from the sky as I have done this summer and in such an aggressive manner.

Today we had rain falling all day, it was relentless, persistent, unforgiving and came down so fast and heavy it was bouncing off the grass.

At one point this afternoon, we were not far from being completely surrounded by water ~ We were almost an island ...!!!!

Thursday 13 July 2023

Early misty morning wander …

I was up early and out for a misty wander down to the Lahave River.

As I stood there in the perfect morning silence the mist was getting progressively thicker, making the diffused sunlight only a spot in the featureless sky.

Tuesday 4 July 2023

The Question ...

This afternoon I had my first beach wander since our return from the mountains of Alberta's Banff and Jasper ~ see the previous nine blogs.

As I sat perched on My Rock at Crescent Beach watching the tide slowly retreat, I thought about our recent trip and the magnificence and beauty of the Canadian Rockies and asked myself this question …

If I was given the choice of either the sea or the mountains which one, would it be …? ~ On the surface, a rather difficult and complex question.

Growing up in Scotland I had both and neither of the two were very far away from where I lived. In a lot of places in Scotland the hills/mountains came with the sea ~ it is crazy to think now, how I took all that for granted.

With reference to my Scottish life, hills and mountains were part of the every day. I lived in top of big hill (the Ontarians would probably call it a mountain…!!!). It was one side of the Clyde Valley, where the City of Glasgow sprawled for endless miles below and far off in the distance on the other side was Ben Lomond (at Loch Lomond) and The Trossachs.

I climbed a few of those hills and mountains, it was a favourite pastime for myself and my dad. We would spend many happy times at the heights, enjoying the views at our level and those of the miniature cars and people at the great distance below us. We would drink the pure and lovely mountain water cascading from the peaks which resulted in the constant streams that never seemed to turn off. Ultimately drinking so much of it, we would be pissing like race horses all the way back down the hillside.

As a history buff, another pleasure I got out of hills and mountains in Scotland was walking through their valleys and glens, imagining the ancient battles that took place there, almost to the point I could hear and see the ghosts of highlanders swinging their claymores and making the charge ~ usually against the English.

As for the sea, that has always played a very important part and constant presence in my life. In Scotland after passing my driving test, if I went missing, I was likely to be found down the coast wandering a beach or sitting on a rock. When I lived in Spain, I sat every lunch time looking out onto the Bay of Biscay, a sight that could also be seen from my apartment. As a wee laddie and into my teen years, I would on a Sunday go out sea fishing aboard Bluebell off the Largs coast and absolutely love every moment of it, even during the cold and windy winters.

I recall very clearly and have chosen never to forget the time when I realized just how important the sea was to me. It occurred not long after I immigrated to Canada on April Fool's Day 1988 and settled in Southern Ontario, suddenly the ocean, the sea was no longer just there at an easy reach ~ it was one of the most awful moments of my life and taught me just how little I knew about myself.

So, back to the plot and the question.

I certainly without any doubt would love the daily beauty of the mountains, but unlike the sea, I could never rest or be at peace beside them, I would always be wanting to wander, hike or climb on them and always to that place a little bit further on, much like we did almost to the borderline of our physical limits recently out west.

If I had to pick one over the other, it would be the sea. While in its presence, I get transported to places that no inland location could ever take me. My thoughts while sitting watching the water can go to depths of thinking that would never be possible at the active pace of the hills. I have found the sea offers much peace and tranquility, the salt air along with the sound of the waves could never be replaced by any mountain scenery. Here locally, I have My Rock which fits my backside perfectly, I have other rocks which over time have become equally as comfortable and onto which I often lie down for a nap. The sea and the coastal areas have more visible wildlife and the rocks can have rock pools, which on certain days provide endless amounts of entertainment when the tide is out.

It is a pity that I could not be offered both the sea and the mountains in the same way I had in Scotland, but unfortunately life is not completely perfect …!!!

Some random pics from today while mulling over the question …