Sunday 31 December 2017

Would you like ice with that ….?

The current “cold snap” which in recent days has hovered over most of Canada has now uncharacteristically hit the South Shore. The extreme cold conditions did not however stop me from the final wander of 2017, which as usual was absolutely awesome and perhaps the best of the year ~ well actually I find that every new wander is always better than the previous one …!!!

The outing started at my favourite spot on the LaHave Islands where often the changing seasons and conditions provide excellent photo opportunities. In order to access the location today, I had to first clear away some pine branches and logs which came from an adjacent tree that had fallen down during some recent high winds.

After the customary visit to the Islands it was onto a blistery but pleasant Crescent Beach. With a static temperature of about -12°C, I can only guess the wind chill equivalent to be in the -20 to -30°C range. In bright conditions with the tide just turning from an extreme low, I headed into a south west wind for the last beach walk of the year.

I would guess for most people the appeal of a beach in freezing cold conditions is just not there, always more of a summer draw. For me I prefer the beach in winter, there always seems to be a healthy freshness about it, which I have noticed can be measured by the broad smiles on the faces regulars I often meet there …..

Now it is onto 2018 and a little more of the beautiful South Shore.

Today’s selection below ….

Thursday 21 December 2017

Bob's Christmas Village .....

Located across the Lahave River in Daysprings is a uniquely wonderful display of Christmas lights created by Bob Zinck. Bordered by thick forest and situated down a long narrow gravel road is “Bob’s Christmas Village”. The centrepiece of to this annual attraction is his seasonal looking house set in hilly surroundings which are easily navigated by winding footpaths throughout this truly festive delight. Every possible aspect and theme of the Christmas season has been cleverly created by Bob in thousands of lights and d├ęcor.

The last of many photos below which unfortunately do not capture the true atmosphere of the place shows his electricity meter, I could not believe how fast it was $pinning ….!!!!

A link to a video news item from December 2016 about Bob and his creation ~