Thursday, 29 July 2021

Late afternoon wander …

Generally I am a morning or early afternoon wanderer, but today I decided to go to the beach and the islands in the late afternoon, when the sun was getting lower. It is amazing how the colours at familiar locations can become more striking with the sun’s position. In the photos below, I thought the some of the greens and certainly the seaweed took on a certain enhancement  …

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

No rock sitting this morning …

As mentioned in my previous blog titled ~ “50 years ago ....”, often while out wandering on Crescent Beach, I like sit down on My Rock, but due to the morning’s very high tide, this was not possible. So, after a beach walk on both Rissers and Crescent, I went off to my other favourite place of solitude on the LaHave Islands.

This morning was another where on the beach and other costal locations there was a saturated fog/mist coming in from the sea, but inland it was bright and warm.

Below are photos of My Rock with a sea moat around it and my favourite island location.

Friday, 23 July 2021

50 years ago ....

Out again for a morning walk on both Crescent and Rissers Beaches. Unusually, during my past three wanders on Crescent there has been little or no wind, which I have found has taken the enjoyment to a further level.

As always while on Crescent Beach, I stopped for my normal sit down on “My Rock”. While there my thoughts went back exactly 50 years ago (did I say that out loud ..?), to the last two weeks of July 1971. It was then that I adopted a rock in the West Highlands of Scotland, 2648 miles away at Big Sands, near Gairloch in Wester Ross.

I recall at the time as a 10-year-old, being overwhelmed and captivated by the scenic splendour from “My Rock”, the stunning beauty of the morning sun rises and the spectacular nightly sunsets, that I have never seen equaled anywhere.

Back in April 2017, I made reference to my Nova Scotia and Scottish rocks in the blog ~ “When is it not perfect ...?” at ~

Within that blog, I said this about My Rock in Scotland ~

“I believe everyone should have a special place in their life, a place you recall with fondness, warmth and where you never once felt fear. A place from your past or even now in the present, which provides safety and comfort. A location whose surroundings render an environment to develop your hopes, formulate your ambitions and think about your dreams. A place perhaps like mine that only requires the company of the sea, the mountains and the warm wind to make it perfect.” ~ it is an extremely special place for me.

During the 1970’s and 80’s, I made frequent visits to that stunning little corner of Scotland and often could be found happily perched on the rock for hours at a time. Since immigrating to Canada on April Fools Day 1988, I have made only three visits to that perfect location in Scotland, the last being September 2019, see ~ “Scotland 2019 part 1 ~ A Highland Journey” at ~ 

Below are photos taken this morning at my Nova Scotia rock, then after those I have included a few taken during different seasons, kindly provided by some locals who live near My Rock in Scotland ~ I think you will like them …

My Rock in Nova Scotia ~

My Rock in Scotland ~ 

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Morning freshness …

A walk on a beach always does me good, I love the smells, the waves, the wind and the incredible peace that it brings to my thoughts ~ there is certainly magic about a beach and the sea.

With the tide receding from its peak, I went out this morning for a wander on Rissers. The wind was light and warm, the waves big and loud ~ absolutely perfect.

It is now almost exactly five years since we moved to the South Shore, I have no idea how I survived the 28 years before that in Southern Ontario without the ocean ~ truly amazing ………