Saturday 25 May 2019

No rain today .....

Currently our weather is testing my patience, typically we are having warm sunny days sandwiched between rainy cloudy ones. It is taking careful forward planning and daily study of the weather forecasts to get all the outside springtime chores done.

So after the recent two days of rain, today was bright warm and perfect not for yard work, but for a visit to Blue Rocks and Stonehurst, two local and picturesque fishing communities.

According to the weather network, it will be raining for the next two days ~ Imagine that …!!!!

Thursday 16 May 2019

Looking for things to snap ….

With the camera poised for action, I was out for beach wander in beautiful afternoon sunshine. With the tide approaching its low, it left behind some natural photo opps …..

Saturday 11 May 2019

It has been .....

…… 34 days, since I was last on the beach.

The reason ~ far too much spring work. Along with this time of the year, comes all the after winter chores which includes, cleaning windows, garden work, moving eight cord of firewood around and much more.  
So my favourite pastime of coastal wanders was temporarily put on hold.
Today’s conditions were perfect for a return to Crescent Beach in bright and very warm sunshine, with an extremely high tide.