Tuesday 27 October 2020

An overcast morning wander at the islands

Regardless of the weather, it is always good to get out and wander a beach or meander along coastal rocks, this morning I was happy to be in the company of the LaHave Islands.

Something I have noticed here, that I cannot recall happening when I lived in Scotland, is that the seaweed changes colour in the fall. Perhaps it did change in Scotland and I simply did not notice …

Sunday 25 October 2020

The fall colours on the other side of the river ...

On this glorious day ~ will they ever end …? (Probably …!!!), I went over to the opposite side of the LaHave River from our home in Pleasantville. In bright sunshine with the river at high tide, the fall colours were again perfect.

I took some photos at the same location in the spring, they can be seen at ~ “The LaHave River from the other side ..” ~ 


Sunday 18 October 2020

Seals and an extremely low tide ...

On another beautiful South Shore day, we took some visitors for a drive along the road to Green Bay, Rissers & Crescent Beaches and the LaHave Islands.

The tide was extremely low, in fact it was the lowest I had ever seen it locally. It was truly amazing to see for the first time, the seabed in areas that I have visited many times before.

At Green Bay, we were very fortunate to enjoy the company of a group of Seals who were possibly also alarmed by the extremely low tide.

Friday 16 October 2020

Fall colours up close ...

Via the Weather Network, I see that tomorrow will be mostly rain with wind gusts of up to 65km/h (40pmh). With this in mind and still having plenty of leaves on our tress, I went out into the empire to take some close-up pics.

Thursday 15 October 2020

Fall morning in Pleasantville

On this crisp and sunny morning with the autumn colours approaching their peak, I took a wander around our locality. With no wind, the LaHave River at high tide was motionless and provided some nice reflections.