Thursday 29 September 2022

Gaff Point revisited ...

Today I did an absolutely beautiful hike at the Gaff Point Trail. This was the fifth time I have done this trail since moving to the South Shore in 2016, all previous adventures were during 2017.

The trail is a 7km loop which begins with a 1.5km walk to the southwest end of Hirtles Beach. The beach is 3km of spectacular crescent-shaped sand and cobble stone shoreline. As for the actual trail itself, it offers some great scenery with a mixture of beach, estuary, forest, rugged coastline and huge waves.

Like my past visits to Gaff Point, I took a slight detour and went to Sandy Cove (the Secret Beach). The cove with its neat little beach is tucked away between some very steep cliffs and is accessible by way of scaling down a bank with the aid of some frayed rope tied to some trees above, unlike my last visit I decided not do the rope scaling today.

When I arrived at Hirtles Beach the tide was just about to hit its peak. I spent my first few minutes watching a couple of Harbour Porpoises not too far off in the calm waters providing some morning entertainment,  unfortunately I did not get any pictures of this I wanted instead to fully enjoy the show.

Around all sides of the trail, the waves did not disappoint they were spectacular to look out, big and crashing over the rocks, which provided me with lots of photo ops.

By the time I completed the hike with some additional off the trail rock climbing, the tide on the beach was almost hitting its low exposing more sand than cobble stone.

It was a very good and thoroughly enjoyable day out, perhaps the best one this summer ….

Thursday 15 September 2022

Tuesday 13 September 2022

A beautiful morning at Cherry Hill Beach …

This morning I decided to go not too much further down the road to Cherry Hill Beach, a place that offers a direct route to happiness via its empty curve of fine grey/silver sand, exposed water and endless sky.

I arrived just at the high tide point, which meant that about 75% of the beach sand was under water, I therefore had to walk along what seemed to be mountains of pebble stones. From this vantage point, I was able to view some rather large waves crashing onto the stones below, then hear the loud clattering as the water pulled them into shallows for the next wave to throw them ashore again.

In complete contrast to the roar of the waves and rattling of stones on the beach side, the salt water inlets and ponds behind the beach portrayed tranquility and total silence with the occasional eagle or heron going about their morning routine.

By the time I made my return journey along the beach, the tide had receded enough to expose more of the sandy bright beach.

It was truly a lovely morning at Cherry Hill Beach, sharing my time with the roaring of waves, the rattling of stones, the calmness of the inlets and the company of some wildlife, you have got to love the South Shore of Nova Scotia …

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