Saturday 26 February 2022

My feet got frozen …

In line with this winter’s trend, we once again got a good dumping of snow. It basically arrived just as the last lot was beginning to completely disappear.

With the place looking bright, white and rather nice, I decided to take the camera for a wander into the forest that is located at the back of the house. My plan was to experiment with long exposures using my 10-Stop Reduction ND1000 filter. The challenge here was to create a balance ~ to avoid overexposing the bright whites in the snow, without creating too much darkness in the shadows of the trees. While attempting this and using long exposures, I hoped to highlight in greater detail the granular texture of the snow.

All photos were taken with the camera mounted on a tripod at 100ASA and F16.

Why that title for the blog ..? ~

I had my wellies on which provided not a lot of insulation, hence my feet got frozen ….

6 Second Exposure

5 Second Exposure

6 Second Exposure

5 Second Exposure

8 Second Exposure

10 Second Exposure

10 Second Exposure

8 Second Exposure

6 Second Exposure

Thursday 24 February 2022

One of natures constants ….

On the morning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was in need of some serious reset and therefore went for a nice wander on the beach.

It is a rare thing to live through a moment of huge historical consequence and understand in real time that it is what it is. From an early age, one of my keen and deep interests has been 20th century history. I have a large collection of videos, DVDs’ and books on the subject, with many that I have viewed or read more than once or twice. As a result, I would say, my knowledge is good and my ability to compare is reasonable. As I look out onto the world, I would say our fragile planet is possibly under more threat today than at any time in the past 120 years.

We currently have a situation of sharing our world with far too many foreign dictators and terror groups, all with inflated feelings of pride and  superiority, which is dangerously combined with an agenda of destruction and human suffering. While in other parts, we are being guided by increasingly poor leadership, whose actions and resulting failures continually add to our vulnerability, in the form of heightening levels of climate change, out of control national debt, increasing political divisiveness, questionable levels of govenrnment sponsored political correctness, troubling weakness and much more.

In 1968,  Jim Lovell the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 8 said in reference to planet earth ~ "When I put my thumb up to the window (of the command module) I could completely hide it, and then I realized that behind my thumb I was hiding this earth where there are about 6 billion people that are all striving to live there."

When I stand back and look at all that is going on in the world, I wonder what the hell it is all about. We are a tiny dot in this gigantic universe, perhaps like a single grain of sand on the beach. Our planet is a fragile gift, but unfortunately one that we continually mismanage, randomly abuse and fight over.

This morning while perhaps dwelling too much upon all the worldly chaos, I got tremendous solace from watching the tide coming in ~ one of nature's constants that we (hopefully) cannot change.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Storm Clouds …

According to The Weather Network, this evening and overnight we are in for more snow.

As mentioned in a previous blog from January, this winter has been the worst we have experienced since coming to Nova Scotia in 2016. I have figured out this winters weather cycle ~ it seems that we get lots of snow which is then quickly followed too many days of low temperatures. Then to fool us into believing that spring is just around the corner, we typically have two or three days of higher temperatures with bright sunshine and rapid snow melting ~ and then is all starts again …..!!

The clouds shown in todays pics from Rissers Beach are carrying the leading edge of the overnight snow. In addition to the clouds, today I was somewhat entertained by the lone and rather brave surfer ….

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Bright, cold and an extremely low tide …

Due to involvement with other activities, it has almost been a month since my last beach wander. Today’s return was perfect, very cold, bright and absolutely perfect in the few sun traps I have found for myself.

Also, of note was the extremely low tide, I had never seen it so low. I checked the charts and found that it occurred when I was out and about at 2.49pm, with a level of 0.00m (zero).

Some random pics from today’s adventure ~