Saturday 25 February 2017

Moby the Land Rover

From June 2015

On a visit to Peggy’s Cove, I spotted a Land Rover with British plates. In all my years in Canada it was the first time I had seen a vehicle with a British registration. What got me very interested were all the place name stickers on the rear of the vehicle. They were from practically every country on the African continent, Egypt in the north all the way down to South Africa. In addition to those, there were other location stickers from Chile in South America all the way up to the Canadian Arctic.

Seeing these got me a little curious, excited and definately in need of a chat with whoever was driving this vehicle. So in the company of a pleasant view of the sea, I hung around the car park for the longest time, but with much disappointment nobody came by to collect the Land Rover.

The day after while driving around Lunenburg, I again spotted the Land Rover and followed it until it finally stopped. In pouring rain I ran over and had a great chat with Bill and Rosemary from Kent in England. They were a retired couple probably in their mid-60’s who had sold their house and decided to take up a life of travel with “Moby the Land Rover”. In previous years they had done all of Europe, most African countries and during the last three years had been doing the American continent. When I met them, they were down to the last part of the America’s trip heading off to Newfoundland to put Moby on a boat for England.

I had a lovely and extremely enjoyable chat with Bill and Rosemary and also got to see a little more of Moby. I asked them what their future plans were, and with a sparkle in his eye and a smile on his face Bill replied ~ “India” …
By the time I left them, the rain had thoroughly soaked me, but I was certainly delighted to have been given a brief insight into some of their travelling experiences, together with their enormous thrust for adventure. 

I was truly impressed with Bill, Rosemary and Moby.


Wednesday 22 February 2017

George Island

Connected to the east end of Crescent Beach is George Island. Today we wandered there and found a small frozen lake located within very attractive surroundings.

Mussel shell, all lit up

The Mussel Shell below caught my attention today. The sunlight conditions were perfect to give the appearance of it having an internal light source.


Slushy anyone …?

Regardless of weather, tide level or light, a beach wander always provides perfect conditions for taking photos. Today on a very bright Crescent Beach the gentle slushy tide made for some interesting sparkle and texture.

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Iceberg Alley

From June 2014
This is not the South Shore, but I thought it would be good to share some photos of a spectacular aspect of another maritime province ~ Newfoundland. An absolutely beautiful province with awesome rugged beauty and a deep friendly culture. During the drive across the "Rock" as it is fondly known I was overwhelmed by its close resemblance to West Highlands of Scotland, uncanny and wonderful.
The photos below are all taken on what is called Iceberg Alley on the north and east coast of the rock. The parade of ice leaves the arctic after winter and can be viewed off Newfoundland in some years as late as August.
All the photos except for the last two are taken around Twllingate on the north-eastern shore, the last two pictures are from Signal Hill in St. Johns, the capital city of Newfoundland.
Some of the ice on those icebergs can be up to 10000 years old and amazingly 90% of their mass is below water.