Tuesday 25 October 2022

Too foggy for takeoff ….

I am sure I have mentioned in previous blogs, that any day, in any weather is great for a visit to the beach and the islands, but not always for the local seagulls.

Today with warm temperatures and what could have been the lowest tide I have seen at 0.19m, the fog was so thick the seagulls were grounded and seemed to be more than a little anxious about it.

In complete contrast, after my wander with the beach still in thick fog, I was amazed upon my return along the LaHave River to Pleasantville, that it was in bright sunshine.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Horizontal and featureless ...

With an extremely low morning tide, complete calm and windless conditions, I enjoyed a double beach wander on Crescent and Rissers Breaches.

The placid appearance of the water was only broken with the occasional lethargic wave, blending almost perfectly at the junction of the sky, with its elongated outstretched clouds, giving what struck me as a horizontal and featureless panorama …

Monday 17 October 2022

Down the other side of the river and beyond …

With an early bright morning, I figured that it would be a bright sunny warm day. So, with that I took a beautiful drive along the other side of the LaHave River to Lunenburg and then onto Mahone Bay, with stops along the way at Corkums and Hermans Islands.

One end of the Lunenburg waterfront was a little noisier than usual with much clattering and banging, as crewmembers of The Picton Castle were getting her ready for the upcoming around the world sail. While at the other end, workers were working on Bluenose II getting her ready for winter storage.

You can read more about both The Picton Castle and Bluenose II by clicking on the following blog links ~

The Picton Castle


Tall Ships in Lunenburg


It was a grand day out with the fall colours almost at their peak ……