Wednesday 14 December 2022

Ever changing sky ….

With a very high tide and chilly wind, I was out early for a two-beach wander.

It was interesting to see that the sky to the north was bright blue with puffy white clouds, while to the south it was continually changing but always a little threatening, but delightful ….

Monday 5 December 2022

A BIG suntrap …

On my regular wandering beaches which are Crescent and Rissers, I have discovered more than a few suntraps. These are little corners located behind or at the side of rocks, that still give me views of the water while offering good protection from the wind.  Occasionally, if the wind is chilly, I can be found sitting or standing at those vantage points thoroughly enjoying the stillness and warm sunshine ~ I have also been known to have a nap at those secret places ...

This bright morning with an extremely low tide, I went to Cherry Hill beach and to my delight, I discovered that the whole beach was a one big suntrap, it was warm, still and absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes after a beach wander, I find it enormously difficult to describe in clear words exactly how perfect it was, well Cherry Hill beach this morning was “paradisiacal”.

I was last there on September 13th, see ~ “A beautiful morning at Cherry Hill Beach …” ~

~ On the last visit, I wandered around to the back of the beach to see the inlets and salt-water ponds at high tide. I did the same the morning, where the whole area was virtually drained and exposed the high tide marks.

Here are the photos from today’s wander, including one where I suspect some folks probably had better views than I did …

Friday 2 December 2022

It’s December ….

Indeed, it is December and I am left wondering how we got here so fast. It seems within this retirement chapter, I am forever flipping the calendar over to witness the months disappear with increasing haste. Thankfully the beaches never disappear, I have no idea what I would do if the did.

Once again, I was out this morning watching the tide come in, it was bright, a little borderline cold and as usual perfect ….

Thursday 17 November 2022

Big waves, threatening sky and no wind …

With the tide near its peak, I was out this morning for another great wander on both Rissers and Crescent Beaches. When I arrived and saw the big waves at both beaches, I was expecting to be dealing with accompanying high winds, bit there were none.

The threatening sky earlier in my wander at Crescent Beach, perhaps indicated that the high winds driving the large waves were probably far out at sea.

A few pics from this morning’s outing, starting with the waves at Rissers ….

Crescent Beach ~