Tuesday 26 December 2023

An absolutely stunning Boxing Day …

Bright sunshine, no wind and warm temperatures, a perfect combination for a late December beach wander, a lovely peaceful sit on My Rock and a stroll onto the islands. I am sure today’s mild conditions were better than some days during our past wetter than normal summer.

It made for an absolutely stunning Boxing Day ….

Friday 22 December 2023

I am cold …

Since the start of the cooler season, I have been feeling incessantly chilled and cold. I am definitely feeling much colder at temperatures I was once very comfortable with. I have read this may be caused by slower blood circulation and thinner skin as we age ~ at 62 does this apply ...? If so, I now have a genuine fear as to what it will be like in 2074 when I get to the age of 113. Another possible reason for always being cold is weight loss, over the past few months my bathroom scales tell me that I have lost about 14lbs. 

Whatever it is, I hope it is temporary ………..

This morning I went out for a very cold wander on Crescent Beach. At one point, I thought the chilled wind from the west was going to cut me in half. Fortunately, I survived and afterwards took a little look around the islands.

Below are this morning’s bone chilling pics …

Friday 8 December 2023

It may have been a fierce and …..

….chilly wind, but it did not deter me from having a fantastic two-beach morning wander.

With the tide low and starting to come in, I started off at Crescent Beach where the wind in the outward direction was hardly noticeable, but on the way back it was fierce and a little chilly.

Having survived that I decided to go and check out Rissers Beach, where to my delight, I was the only one there to thoroughly enjoy what turned out to be one big sun trap ~ fantastic ….

Here are some of the pics …