Sunday 30 January 2022

Same view different season …..

This winter marks our sixth here in the South Shore and it is proving to be the coldest and possibly the snowiest. Generally, we have found our past winters in this little corner of Nova Scotia to be much milder than those experienced in Southern Ontario, but this one is getting up there. By comparison to last year, I think it was late February to early March before the snowblower first saw the light of day ~ that’s OK, I am not complaining it could be worse ~ I could be back in Southern Ontario …..

Below are some pics taken today after yesterday’s snow clear up. The first lot are taken just down the road at the frozen LaHave River. As a comparison, I have included two  photos taken at the same view point during October 2019 from the blog ~ “At end of our road this morning ..."  ~

Wednesday 5 January 2022

First beach wander of 2022 ...

With a colder than normal wind from the south, an extremely high tide and an overcast grey sky, I had my first enjoyable beach wander for the year 2022.

I knew before I went out this morning, that today’s photos would be in black and white. I have no idea why it was going to be that way; it has happened before. Perhaps it was due to the overcast and grey conditions and the desire to complement and embellish the photos, with the texture and detail density that black and white photos can occasionally provide.

Did it work, perhaps yes or perhaps not, but it was fun trying ….