Tuesday 14 May 2024

That was refreshing ....

Just a couple of hours after I published my last blog ~ “Where has it gone …?” ~ in which I was complaining about the lack of sunshine, the sun came out and has not gone away …

With such wonderful conditions I was up and out very early to catch the low tide at Cherry Hill Beach. We are fortunate to have many wonderful local beaches that are all great for wanders. Incredibly for them all being relatively close together, no two are the same, they all offer different scenery, wildlife, shells, sand colour, rocks, wave size and even water colour. Although I really don’t have a favourite beach, for me a walk on Cherry Hill Beach is always extremely refreshing. With its silver white sand, exposed water, endless sky, back ponds and rocks, it offers a direct route to happiness, and a lovely reminder as to why I moved to the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

As usual with any visit to this beach, I had the whole beach to myself. The only other human activity I saw was a float plane flying above me.

It was an absolutely wonderful and refreshing morning adventure, which finished with a visit to Little Harbour and Back Cove  ….

Saturday 11 May 2024

Where has it gone …?

It must be a week or more now since the sun last appeared over Pleasantville, and if that is not bad enough, it is friggin’ cold too.

While being thoroughly convinced that the sun must be somewhere, I went out this afternoon to see if it was possibly shinning down at the local beaches, but no, from the pics below you can see there was not even a hint of brightness.

As for the temperatures, I really don’t think I have ever felt this cold at any time in my life, or in any place I have lived before during the month of May. A few months ago, I did a blog titled ~ “I am cold …” ~ which can be found by clicking on the image below, that was written in December, when you would expect to feel a little chilled.

This morning, I was watching the football (for the uneducated that would be soccer) from Scotland, it was so hot they had to stop for water breaks ~ in SCOTLAND …!!!

I am hoping soon that the bright blue and sunny skies that I have become accustomed too, will soon return and then I can then stop complaining ….

Thursday 2 May 2024

Big Buddy, Little Buddy and the Vacuum Cleaner …

With the sound of clawing on the glass of the back patio door, I was reminded by Big Buddy that I had forgotten to serve breakfast, lunch and then dinner.

So, in response the situation was immediately rectified and the feeder was put out. Big Buddy immediately laid claim to it and rather aggressively would let no one else on it, so I gave Little Buddy his own personal helping. Soon after, the Vacuum cleaner (the local Chipmunk) came along to provide some assistance to Little Buddy ……