Monday, 22 June 2020

Robin Buddy ~ Waiting

It has been a frantic couple of weeks for a pair of local Robins’. They have hurriedly built a nest under the deck in the backyard; but this was not their first choice. Unknown to us for a long time, they had secretly constructed a nest in the garage on top of the garage opener electric motor. It was only when I noticed a Robin flying in and out that I found the completed nest.

Knowing this location was not practical for the nest or its future occupants, I reluctantly had to remove it. I left the nest at the front of garage, where the Robins cleverly used some of the material for the next location under the deck.
The new location took a huge amount of work for them, as can been seen in the following photos, initially most of the material fell on the ground, I had not seen any of the same during the garage nest construction. But with much persistent determination the job got done.

Now I am happy to report that we have three beautiful eggs and a 24/7 guard.

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  1. We had two work diligently building a nest in our Yew tree out front. I decided to let them continue - enjoying their coming and going and, eventually, being able to watch eggs hatch, babies take flight. Then they abandoned it - I have not idea why other than our resident wood pile squirrel was hanging out under that tree eating acorns. Can't see why that would bother the robins unless they are particular about their neighbours. Ooh, maybe it was always being snoopy???
    Looking forward to the photos of your robin family - who seem to be OK with you as neighbours ;)