Monday, 7 September 2020

Only a four hour flight away ....

…………. Only kidding ~ its not some exotic destination in the Caribbean, it is in fact just down the road from us.

With a couple of buddies visiting from Ontario (who had completed their required 14 days of Covid-19 isolation), we decided in absolutely perfect weather, to drive south down the coastal route and take in a few of our local beaches. They included, Carters Beach, Beach Meadows, White Point Beach and Cherry Hill Beach.

There was a Haar which came inshore at Carters and stretched along all the 50km which encompassed the four beaches mentioned.

See more about a Haar here at “Is it a Haar …?” ~

All pictures below are of Carters Beach except for the last four which are taken at White Point Beach

Piping Plovers on Cherry Hill Beach

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