Thursday, 2 April 2020

Life in Isolation

As the world locks down and each day new rules and regulations come into force, many folks are having their daily routines changed and influenced. 
When you stand back and view it all at once, it is rather alarming ~ with countries basically shutting down, central banks spending HUGE amounts of money, folks getting laid off and industries on hold ~ I reckon even Hollywood could never come up with such an extreme script …!!!

Here in sleepy Pleasantville, everything seems to be normal with a general feeling of being remote from and not part of the bigger world picture. The only life difference I can (so far) claim, is no beach wanders ~ a small price to pay in an effort to contain this nasty virus.
The situation has allowed us to spend time improving our skills at Table Tennis or as it is here in the colonies Ping-Pong …

Monday, 16 March 2020

Away from the headlines ....

The current sensational headlines are making me feel that I am playing a bit part in a disaster movie, where the full script is written, but only a page of it is allowed to be known each day.

As the days pass by, the worldwide situation worsens with new mandated restrictions, lockdowns revised and expanded, borders closed and financial markets declining further. One place where nothing changes is the beach, the tide still rolls in, the air remains fresh and the wildlife get on with their daily tasks, all of it oblivious to the human world.

This afternoon with the tide reaching its peak, I had a lovely wander on Rissers Beach. The sun was warm and bright, it was peaceful, tranquil and awesome.

Now back to the headlines ...!!!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Freshness in the air

Today provided another nice wander around the LaHave Islands and along Crescent Beach.
With the tide slowly retreating, the afternoon outing alternated between bright warm sunshine to suddenly being surrounded by the cool mist coming off the sea ~ the flip-flopping conditions provided an amazing freshness to the air, which was enjoyed by myself and Squirrel Buddy ….

Friday, 21 February 2020

Breaking through the ice …

In bright sunshine, with a temperature at around -6°C and very low tide, it was perfect for a wander on Rissers Beach.
Running from the lakes on the higher ground above the beach are many streams rolling over rocks and today, breaking through the ice.

Buddy kept an eye on me the whole time I was taking the pics

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Smoothing out the water

On this absolutely stunning day with the tide just past its peak, I was once again in the company of my camera for a beach wander. 
With the ND1000 Filter installed and the camera set at 100 ASA, I thought I would try to smooth out the water.
The results below are slowly improving from the last attempt, I would certainly like to get better, but definitely would not want to get it perfect …!!!!

F-Stop 16 with 20 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 15 Second Exposure

F-Stop 9 with 5 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 6 Second Exposure

F-Stop 10 with 8 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 2 Second Exposure

F-Stop 10 with 4 Second Exposure

F-Stop 11 with 5 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 5 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 4 Second Exposure

F-Stop 16 with 4 Second Exposure

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Snowfall in Sepia …

I guess we were never going to escape it ….

After many weeks of hearing in the news media that “we” (all of us) in the Maritimes were getting thumped regularly with huge snowfalls, finally it did arrive in Pleasantville ……….

Around here a major snowfall always looks absolutely beautiful, for this one I thought that I would try sepia pics ……